The name Mihovil/Mihael has been appearing in our family for many generations. In honour of this name, the first structure that was built on our estate was the chapel of St. Michael (Sv.Mihovil/Mihael), the patron saint of our family and estate.
The label bearing the name of St.Michael represents a natural sequence of events. The idea behind this label was to make a wine only at its best age, exclusively from one variety from one part (plot) of our vineyards of our choice. By instilling it with the finest fruits of our labour in the vineyard and cellar – the best-quality grapes in a select harvest – our wish is to create a label worthy of the title of family collection. The series is limited edition, and every bottle is numbered separately and as such represents an object of value to any wine lover. Our selection, our family collection, single variety from a single vineyard. Cheers!