Primus Plavac mali

Vol. Alc. 13 %
pH  ̴  3.22
Acidity   ̴  7,7 g/l
No. Bottles   ̴  13 330


This vintage followed a cold and snowy winter and a year with low precipitation. The wine is of a pronounced purple colour with ruby edges. The nose has pronounced prune notes mixed with fresh cherries and elegant spices, and it is fabulously fresh on the palate due to its somewhat still untamed tannings that will certainly need some time to round off and make the wine easier to drink. This kind of dry Plavac mali best complements pasta dishes, lamb and tuna steak.

Excerpt from the updated review published in “Kult Plave Kamenice” in December 2018:

„The wine has demonstrated a fantastic freshness, with much more harmoniousness of its tannins than before. Leaves a taste of prunes, tobacco, leather, dried herbs, cigars, cedar and eucalyptus on the palate, and its potential for aging remains great. “

Excerpt from the updated review by Mr Nenad Trifunović @vinopija from December 2018:

„The fruit is magical, exceptionally seductive, with spices and leather and a note of charming “odour”, while the freshness on the palate is almost appley or citrusy. “