Primus Plavac mali

Vol. Alc. 14 %
pH  ̴  3.6
Acidity  ̴  5,7 g/l
No. Bottles  ̴  900


This wine is the first vintage of the Rizman Winery and the first wine that the winery has produced. As this makes it limited edition, it cannot be found on the market, only in the archive of our winery.

Excerpt from the updated review published in “Kult Plave Kamenice” in December 2018:

„Still boasting a lively dark ruby colour, it shows no signs of aging. The wine is dominated by dark summer fruits and is unusually fresh for an aged wine of the Plavac variety. The tannins are strong and well rounded, which makes this wine robust and elegant with the long-lasting and full-bodied finish.““

Excerpt from the updated review by Mr Nenad Trifunović @vinopija from December 2018:

„Balsamic already at the nose, integration complete, but needs time to open up, and then it becomes a miracle. Immortelle, rosemary and sage, followed by later “tertiary” sensations (mushrooms), aromatically very rich with the structure of dusty tannins, cool acidity and imperceptible alcohol.“