Vol.Alc. 13 %
pH ~ 3.4
Acidity ~ 5.3 g/l
No. Bottles: 6 440


The grapes for this wine are of the Pošip variety, which is the most famous white autochthonous regional variety, together with a small content (up to 5%) of the Viognier variety. They are sourced from our own organic vineyards in the Komarna winegrowing area. The vineyards are located on south-facing slopes with an incline of up to 30%, at an altitude between 50 and 250 metres. The earth is karst-like and consists of limestone with a small content of soil. The yield of wine per hectare is quite small and amounts to 18 to 27 hectolitres, which results in concentrated fruitiness and freshness. Irrigation is performed only in case of exceptional drought.

Processing and vinification begin with the selection of grapes at our winery after they have been picked by hand. The owners perform this selection personally to make sure that only the best grapes are sent for further processing. The wine undergoes alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in a tank under controlled conditions. After stabilisation and filtering, the wine is filled into bottles in which it is aged for several months before it is released into the market.

Youthful and elegant aromas of ripe yellow fruits, wild flowers and citrus notes. On the palate this beautiful example of Posip is dry with a sophisticated creamy texture, balancing freshness and added character coming from yeasty notes and delicate salty complexity.

It can be enjoyed by itself as well as salads, fish dishes and seafood.