Primus Plavac mali

Vol. Alc. 13,6 %
pH  ̴  3.42
Acitity  ̴  6,8 g/l
No. Bottles  ̴  5 130


This vintage is a good example of how the Plavac mali variety can express its deep ruby red colour with traces of garnet , already demonstrating a certain dose of maturity despite being our second vintage and the first that is entering the market.

Its smell reveals the aroma of mature blackberries and dark plums mixed with sweet spices, together with the delicate patina of its own terroir. It is dry on the palate, well-balanced and harmonious, with an appealingly sweet taste of mature fruits, robust tannins and a refreshing acidity. The wine is in its initial stage of expressing its complexity and is currently being aged in bottles.

Excerpt from the updated review by Mr Nenad Trifunović @vinopija from December 2018:

„It leaves the impression of an ascetic Plavac Mali, a pared-down essence stripped of bells and whistles, although the veneer of “schooling” can be felt in its tannins. However, its body is lighter, with a winous essence, and the material appears to be an absorption of a rainy vintage as the body is thinner, yet unburdened, now fully integrated, yet delightfully cool. “