Vol. Alc. 14 %
pH ̴3.72
Acidity ̴5 g/l
No. Bottles ̴3148

SYRAH 2016

The grapes for this wine come from the famous international grape variety
Syrah, and are grown in our own organic vineyard Komarna. The vineyard bears
the internal mark A8 and is situated at 100 m above sea level, on the southern
slopes with an incline of up to 30%. The vineyard consists of 92 rows, with a
planting distance of 1.8 m between the rows and spacing between the vines of
0.8 m. The vines were planted using the cultivation method called bilateral
cordon. The total number of the grape vines in this vineyard is 5670. The
karst-like ground consists of limestone with a small content of soil. The yield of
wine per hectare is quite small and amounts to 18 to 28 hl/ha, which results in
concentrated fruit quality and freshness.

Processing and vinification begin with the selection of grapes at our winery
after they have been picked by hand. The owners select the grapes personally to
make sure that only the best grapes are sent for further processing. The wine
undergoes alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in a tank under controlled
conditions. After this, it is aged under professional supervision in old barrique
barrels made from French and American oak for 12 months. After filling, it is
aged for at least 6 months before it is released into the market.

The wine is elegant with aromas of preserved dark cherries, blueberries, dark
chocolate, tar and dried Mediterranean herbs. When it touches the palate, it is
full-bodied with a sophisticated structure and balancing freshness. It is
harmonious, and it can be either consumed right away or left to develop for a
decade so that it achieves its full complexity.

St. Michael Syrah is a full-bodied wine with a sophisticated structure and
balanced freshness, and it can be paired with most beef and lamb dishes,
delicious pasta dishes and hard cheeses. Due to its elegant nose of preserved
dark cherries, blueberries, dark chocolate, tar and dried Mediterranean herbs, it
can also be enjoyed on its own, served at 18°C.